• Smart Venture Investment

    Monitor startup growth and performance data


    Early stage business growth management

    Startup Metrics

    Performance Management

    Manage key performance indicators and growth metrics that matter to the business model and maturity stage of each company.

    Investor Pitch

    Investment Raising

    Share traction indicators with future investors so that they can monitor the progress of your business and make investment decisions.

    Investor Relations

    Governance & Transparency

    Report the evolution of your business to investors, registering interactions, documents, investment rounds and cap-table versions.


    Start measuring the growth of your startup for free


    Venture investment portfolio management

    Startup Pipeline

    Investment Origination

    Manage qualified dealflow of potential investments, through customizable pipeline management, and startup application calls.

    Portfolio Management

    Investment Portfolio

    Organize your portfolio of invested and prospected startups, searching by business model, maturity stage, and valuation.

    Investment Decision

    Insight & Intelligence

    Control each investment, establishing business insights from customized key performance indicators, cash flow and cap-table.


    Create a call and start prospecting startups for free


    Startup investment and acceleration features


    Add startups


    Monitor opportunities


    Track growth


    Compare investments


    Register investments

    Cap Table

    Update cofounders


    Share information


    Notify entrepreneurs


    Store contracts


    Personalize metrics


    G Sheets, Analytics & APIs


    Access remotely


    Startups, investors & accelerators that trust our solution


    Plans for investor reporting and prospecting by startups



    up to 1 investor

    $ 29 /mo


    unlimited investors


    Plans for startup monitoring by investors, accelerators & organizations



    up to 1 startup

    $ 49 /mo


    up to 5 startups

    $ 89 /mo


    up to 10 startups

    $ 129 /mo


    up to 20 startups

    $ 199 /mo


    up to 50 startups

    $ 299 /mo


    unlimited startups

    + $ 9 /mo


    per startup extra to plan


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Terms of Use

Novare is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The key value that drives all of our decisions is "users first", including how we collect and respect your personal information.

We do not sell or share your data with third parties, except as provided in our Privacy Policy. We never share information for marketing practices.

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Our Privacy Policy, set out below, is intended to be as clear and simple as possible. Our goal is for you, our users, to always feel informed and empowered with respect to your privacy at Novare.

We are an online platform for startups and investors. Our mission is to connect companies and investors to make them more productive and successful. Our registered users ("Users") can share their professional identities, engage with their network, promote business information exchange, organize and display relevant content, and find business opportunities. 

Users ("Investors") are managers of accelerators, venture capital funds, corporate ventures and angel investors. Investors have a Private Profile where they can manage their portfolio and invite other users (managers) to view the private information of their portfolio of invested companies and pipeline of prospected companies.

Users can create business identities ("Companies"). Companies have a Private Profile in which company managers can invite other users (entrepreneurs and investors) to view the company's private information.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the information of our users. As part of our service, we need to collect and maintain information from our users, namely:

- Information provided online directly by users on our platform such as company registration data, names and e-mail addresses of partners and investors, qualitative and quantitative information about companies;
- Information provided directly by users with exclusive use to pay for the service provided;
- Information about platform log for exclusive internal use of monitoring the use of the services.

We use the information exclusively to offer the proposed service to the users, therefore we use the information to:

- Provide the proposed service;
- Manage daily operations and account maintenance;
- Contact users from support requests;
- Monitor the improvement of our service.

We do not share our user information with third parties, except when explicitly authorized by the user for this use.
Maintaining the trust of users is our priority. We protect the personal information of users and only provide information to third parties in the following situations:

- With the consent of our users;
- When we believe it is required by law, subpoena or other legal process;
- Enforce our terms of use, including investigation of potential breaches thereof;
- To protect the rights, property or safety of Novare, our members, businesses and visitors.

Protecting the data of users is our top priority. All access to Novare.vc is established over a secure connection (encrypted SSL). The same applies to data sent between Novare.vc and our internal network.

We do not directly store passwords for our users. As security, we store cryptographic hash of passwords and sensitive information. Thus, if our database is compromised, this data will be secure.

Our security policy includes daily backups of all stored data ensuring the safekeeping of data. We have implemented appropriate security measures to protect your information according to industry standards.

This Privacy Policy applies to Novare.vc and all other websites, applications, platforms, products and services (collectively referred to as "Services"). We may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time, and if we make changes to it, we will provide notices through our services or other means so that you can review the changes before continuing to use our Services.

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This Privacy Policy covers the products or brands associated with the company Novare Ltda, including Novare, Novare.com.br and Novare.vc. These are referred to as "the company", "we" and "our" in this policy.

If you have questions about this Policy, please contact us by email contato@novare.vc